Meet Judy

I believe in the connection of family, the sparkle in each person's eyes, and that life deserves to be captured in a home filled with photos.  I promise you - I will create a portrait of you that is the most beautiful you have ever seen. 

Give me a call and set up a session for your children. When you do, I'll talk you right into the photo as well. We tend to think we need to lose 10 pounds, or we need a haircut, or we need ....the list is endless. Wrong. Things change. Life changes. What you NEED is to exist in pictures.  Not for you, but for the people who love you.  Your family will not be looking for the "perfect" you that YOU are looking for when they display your portrait.  They will be remembering the precious memories of the life that you gave them - the one where you exist in beautiful, heirloom quality, printed portraits.  Experience what it feels like to be photographed with the people you love dearly.

Call me.  941-457-2646.  Let us create some beautiful artwork for your wall that just happens to be your family.